Register for dance classes with highly experienced and qualified instructors at our school in Brunswick, GA or on St. Simons Island, GA.

Jill Stanford Dance Center offers a number of dance styles for ages 3 and up at any level. Our school provides dance instruction in a warm and friendly atmosphere that fosters a great learning environment.

CLASSICAL BALLET: Ballet classes are offered to students of all ages and levels. Students may take multiple ballet classes each week. Company students are required to take ballet classes.

POINTE: Students must be at least eleven years of age with a minimum of three years of ballet training.  Students must be recommended by a teacher before enrolling in a pointe class.

LYRICAL: Based on ballet, this expressive movement class offers a great deal for the dancer.  Floor, barre, body and arm placement along with jumps, leaps, and turns are taught in this class. Conditioning is also taught in this class.

JAZZ: Traditional jazz technique and the latest "cutting edge" choreography is taught at each level. These classes are packed full with energy.

TAP: This form of dance builds musicality, rhythm, and coordination. All styles are taught. Tap is available for ages 3 and up.

CONTEMPORARY: Must be age 10yrs or older and enrolled in a Ballet class.

KINDERDANCE: (Ballet, Creative Movement,and Tap) is a 45 minute class for ages 3-5 designed to develop coordination, balance, rhythm and self expression. Through song and dance, students learn to use the body and imagination to express the dynamics of music. Five year old students are introduced to classical steps, terms, and more in depth movement to create an exciting atmosphere for a full filling learning experience.

COMBINATION CLASSES: We offer combination ballet , tap, and jazz classes for ages 6-8.

TEEN CLASSES: We offer 1 hr. 30 min. classes in jazz and tap and ballet classes for teens.

HIP HOP: This class is full of energy, hip-hop technique, jumps, and much more.